Jonathan Bennett

Is Custom Software Right for You? 4 Compelling Reasons to Think Twice

Custom software development can offer tailored solutions, but it’s not always the best choice for every situation. Here are the top four reasons to think twice, with a bonus reason to cap it off:

1. Other Software is Good Enough

While the allure of custom software can be strong, it’s essential to carefully consider whether existing software can meet your needs. Often, good-enough solutions like Excel or specialized software providers like AirTable can save time, money, and potential development pitfalls. Remember, perfection is elusive, but good enough is, well good enough

2. You Don’t Have a Unique Angle

Creating custom software is a significant endeavour, and it’s hard to compete if you don’t bring a unique angle to the table. Consider Basecamp, one of the pioneers in web-based project management when others relied on locally installed software. If you lack that distinctive edge, it might be wise to explore existing options.

3. You Won’t Get Enough Value

Building custom software requires a substantial investment of time and resources. If you’ve devised a brilliant solution to a minor problem, it might not justify months of development and substantial costs. However, if you can package and sell your solution to others, it’s worth exploring this avenue.

4. You Don’t Want to do Maintenance

Maintenance of a custom system can be expensive and time-consuming, but it’s vital to prevent software from deteriorating. If you lack the inclination or expertise for this work, consider whether custom software aligns with your objectives.

Bonus: It’s Bloody Expensive!

Custom software development can be costly for several reasons, including initial development expenses, ongoing maintenance, and scalability challenges. Carefully evaluate if this investment aligns with your business goals.

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