Jonathan Bennett

Startup Founder Advice

I’m sure you get a lot of advice, especially if you are a no-technical founder. Here are a few things you can do to make the right decisions to put yourself in a position of “great success”:

  1. Build something outside your area of expertise: This keeps things exciting and helps make sure you don’t lose interest in your work.
  2. Go slow: Take your time and measure things at least 7 times. The smallest of mistakes are likely to doom the company so avoid them at all costs!
  3. Don’t listen to customers: Ageless wisdom from Ford tells us not to listen to our customers. Never. Not even about the problems the are running into. They have nothing to offer us!

    Customers just want faster horses. Never listen to them!

  4. Don’t talk to customers: Better than #3 is this. If you do #4 well, you win at #3 too. This is how you can be efficient and make up some time from #2.
  5. Don’t worry about business fundamentals like profit: Some business like to make profit off each transaction. This is why they are not rocket ships. Stop worrying about PPP (profit per purchase), even if its negative. You should only worry about volume. Volume is rocket fuel for your business and is the only guarantee you need.

Happy April 1st