Jonathan Bennett

Are you going the wrong way?

Startups need to be laser-focused on their goals and filter all their activities through that lens. Early on, your focus should be on conversations with customers. This is important because if you build the wrong thing and your customers don’t want it, well that means they don’t want it.

Don't waste your time building things customers don't want
— Jonathan Bennett

Building the wrong thing is doubly wasteful. There is the money spent building it, and the calendar time burned on it. Startups typically don’t have an excess of either!

Instead, build out a planned list of prioritized features (a roadmap) to help you focus. Each of the features should be connected to business and customer value to help ensure you are building the most important things first. And guess what, if you can’t say what the value is, that’s a dead giveaway that you shouldn’t be doing it.