Jonathan Bennett

Emergency Support Retainer

Emergency Support Retainer

The Emergency Support retainer reserves room in my schedule to continually maintain your new system moving forward and to handle unexpected emergencies as swiftly as possible.

Additionally, while on a retainer plan you gain exclusive access to my direct support channel. This channel is the only communication method where I always get a notification and guarantees my fastest response.


Each retainer packages last for four weeks. Your package will automatically renew unless you choose to change it. There is no long term contract involved so you may choose to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your package at the beginning of each period.

Each package includes an allotment of my schedule (partial or full sprint) and support seats.


The development portion of the retainer allows for tweaks, performance improvements, and development of additional small features to your new system. We will maintain the backlog of outstanding, prioritized requests, and work through them. It is very common that larger changes and ideas will come up over time which will be evaluated separately.

Option 1 includes a half sprint of work over the four week period and Option 2 includes a full-sprint of work.


Support for your system is best done via the Twist chat app which you will have access to while maintaining a retainer agreement. This tool allows you to easily communicate with me, keep individual support requests separate and clear, and share/preserve communication history.

The intention of this support channel is to give you easy 24/7 access to notify me of general requests and especially emergencies. I will address emergencies ASAP, and make sure other requests are addressed promptly during business hours.

This tool is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Option 1 includes access for up to 2 staff members and Option 2 includes access for up to 5 staff members.

Terms and Conditions

Fees are due prior to the start of each period.

You may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your selection at the beginning of any period. You can avail yourself of a 10% discount by paying in advance for a block of three months.

My work is guaranteed. If at any point in the first period you decide that I am not meeting your standards, just request a refund and I'll send your money back.