Jonathan Bennett

Hi, I'm Jonathan

I'm a solo developer living in Bright's Grove in Canada. I work with clients to help them build better processes and tools. I don't do much on social media, but when I do its usually on Twitter or I also answer some questions on Stack Overflow and have a little code on Github.

I've been working on the web since 2008 and on iOS since XXX. Some of my work is below. Some were full time jobs, some were for clients, and some were my own projects.

Project Central

Tech: Rails, Elm, self-hosted, P6

Project Central is a tool developed for a local engineering firm. It replaced their existing set of tools with a internally hosted Rails web app. The new system featured tools and process for timesheets, invoicing, project management, and reporting. Initial deployment of the system also required the migration of several million records from the prior system. After the initial launch, additional support was added for continuous learning, tracking KPI reports, and remote client access.

The new system saves employees dozens of hours each week. Reports that took hours to create are now single page loads and many reports are no longer needed as they've been replaced with dashboards that can update in real-time. Additionally, historical information is preserved allowing the recreation of documents as needed and making the entire system more easily audited if needed.


Tech: Mac OS, iOS

NetNewsWire is an RSS reader for the Mac and iOS. For this open source project I wrote several internal features including a system for managing secret keys between developers, testing environments and production environments and an account synchronization system for FeedWrangler


Tech: Rails, Heroku

NAWS is the digital foundation for a local manufacturing firm. It started as a time tracking tool but has added features for project management and tracking, reporting, exporting data for 3rd party services, project estimation, and management of vendor invoices.

The system was built to support large scale data entry in the field. After nearly two years in use, this system has become essential in the day-to-day operations of the business.

“On a scale of 1-10, my satisfaction with the new system is a 10. Continuing to steamline how task are completed in the system is helping to improve everyone’s experience with the system.”
– Mike Kennedy

Bottom Line

Tech: iOS, Objective-C, Swift, CoreData

Bottom Line is a simple financial forecasting tool for freelancers. Looking at your year to date revenue and expenses, Bottom Line projects forwards to help you estimate your expected end of year revenue, tax responsibilities, and what percent of your profit you should be saving throughout the year to meet your requirement.

The Flume

Tech: automation, Google APIs, OAuth, websockets

The Flume is a data aggregation and reporting tool. It takes data from the EverHours and Asana APIs, formats and filters them, and injects them into Google Sheet templates. Data is able to be synchronized over time allowing the Sheet documents to be reliably and quickly updated. What used to take several hours as a manual process, is now completed in a matter of a few seconds.

“I recommend investing in your business to eliminate thoughtless work and deliver smarter data visibility to yourself and your clients, and I recommend Jonathan as a partner for that.”
– Erin Young

Tech: automation, webpack

Tooling was setup for the website to allow them to quickly and reliably compile assets for their Wordpress theme. This system handles different environments to provide more information and debugging support in development environments and minified, performance tuned assets in production environments.

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