Hi, my name is Jonathan Bennett and I'm a certifiable computer geek.

Some of my earliest memories involve disassembling VCRs and figuring out how to make a Commender 64 do… something. Turns out the Commender 64 made for a pretty great green-scale SNES display -- in case you are curious.

Over the years my focus has shifted from raw electronics to computers, to programming, and finally to the intersection of technology and business. More than just generic programming, helping businesses solve real-world problems is what I am passionate about.

For three years, my focus has been on serving businesses, helping them use the best tools when available, and building the tools when they didn't exist.

I've helped a medical team build a tool to help practitioners treat cancer , an internal tool to help an engineering firm save dozens of hours a month and increase the reliability of their reports and implemented a set of marketing tools to help an internationally based organization effectively connect with their current and potential clients.

I believe that the technology exists today to help every business of any size significantly improve on any metric they are willing to focus on. These improvements can be done in a way that is a net benefit to the business' profitability, the enjoyment of employees and the dependability of the business.

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