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Stop Losing Time and Money Fighting Against Excel!

Reduce your costs, empower your people, and understand your business better today

Inefficient processes built around tools like Excel and Access are holding your business back

Your firm is stuck. You have a “standard process” for your work, but using and maintaining that process is a nightmare. Making sure everyone has the correct versions of spreadsheets, manually tracking the status of projects and keeping consistency across client reports is a full time job. This isn’t even mentioning co-workers collaborating on the same files without losing data or any of the hundred other things that could go wrong.

You know other companies have come up with solutions to these types of problems before, but you don’t have the in-house expertise to address these issues or maintain new systems.

You Need to Upgrade Your Processes


  • All your spreadsheets are centrally managed, made safe from typos, and are automatically archived and backed up.
  • Project status is updated as soon as anything changes.
  • You have a live view of every detail of all your projects.
  • Your client reports are all processed through standardized templates so that they always use the correct formatting, colours, and branding.


All of the information that used to be scattered into a dozen locations is now in a single, safe, reliable system that you can access from your work computer, your phone or even from your home computer.

Speak with an Experienced Process Automation Expert

I help businesses like yours move away from spreadsheets and Access databases to modern, web based tools. This means you can access the brain of your business from anywhere, on any device, at anytime. This gives you safe, secure access to everything you need to run your business.

Here’s how it works


During a free one-hour strategy call, we’ll have a chance to talk about what challenges your business is currently experiencing and what opportunities you see for the future.


Most businesses benefit from an in-depth audit of your current processes. We will map out the major components of your day-to-day operations to see how your processes connect to each other, how we can streamline them to work better and to evaluate the priority of automating them.


After completing discovery, we will have an in-depth roadmap of your processes which will include a recommendation for a phased build out of your new system. This will allow us to deliver critical, high-value results to you as soon as possible, often in as little time as a few weeks.


Software, like your business, is never “done”. You should expect things to change over time as your business needs change and as technology changes. As such, I offer a range of options to ensure your shiny new system stays current with your business needs.

Erin Young

Automated Report Generation Tool

The largest obstacle for me was choosing to invest in the project. Although I work with a lot of clients who engage with development services for their own purposes, I personally hadn't had a lot of experience with it. In the first year of usage, we expect to see a four times return on investment in direct labor costs alone.

I also appreciated Jonathan's consultative approach, where I showed him what I ultimately needed and we worked together to figure out how to get there. Our weekly meetings kept things moving without me needing to do a whole lot, which I liked.

I recommend investing in your business to eliminate thoughtless work and deliver smarter data visibility to yourself and to your clients, and I recommend Jonathan as a partner for that.

Erin Young – Slide UX


Your new system comes with an exclusive bug free guarantee. This means that if I’ve made a bug while building your system I will fix it, for free. Defects should not be something you worry about from an operations or financials perspective.


Your staff has invested years learning your current system. Don’t put that to waste. With the optional Easy Onboarding Guarantee I will work with key staff to ensure a smooth transition to the new system. This can look like new forms being laid out similar to paper forms or even accepting excel files as input into the new system. Bottom line, your staff will love interacting with the new system.


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