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Every business has pains, the rough edges that cause a little bit of friction every day. This friction slows you down, reduces productivity and profitability. A simple but effective 4 step process is used to tackle this friction in a reliable, systematic way.

1. Discover Pains

In-depth reviews of your business, operations and process are done to see where everyday friction is occurring. This includes the big things that are obvious issues as well as the small things that compound over a year.

2. Identify Solutions

Each issue found will be teased apart to find its root cause. Potential solutions to the issues will be evaluated to provide an idea of budget and timeline needed and set expectations on the effectiveness of the solution. Each solution will also be given a list of success criteria which will be used to evaluate how effectively it solved your problems.

3. Do It

Once a solution is selected, execution of that plan will begin. There will typically be weekly reviews of progress, demonstrations, and evaluations of new features. This lets us constantly course-correct to make sure the solution solves the problem in a way that maximizes the benefit to the business.

4. Evaluate Results

Solutions will be evaluated several times to evaluate how effectively they resolved the issue. An early evaluation will be done to make sure that there are no gaps that were not addressed. An additional review will be scheduled to evaluate the success criteria more thoroughly once enough time passed.

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This is some stuff I've finished up recently. Each one tells a story starting with issues and pains and finishing with success and plans for the future. Click inside to see what happened.

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[Jonathan] has been a tremendous help to us as we've attempted to navigate the murky waters of maintaining a web presence!

– Tim Cressman

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