Jonathan Bennett

Hi, I'm Jonathan Bennett

I'm on a mission to make your web app be just as good as a native app.

Your web app can just as good as a native without all the hassle of another framework. Leave ReactNative and Flutter in the past. Learn about the better choices you can make today.

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Working with Jonathan is easy. He has a great ear to listen and picks up on our ideas and concepts quickly but also sees holes in our workflow and asks hard questions that need to be answered. There are no ‘dumb ideas’ when talking with Jonathan. He’s always kind and willing to listen and shoot around ideas with you. If he doesn’t have a quick answer, he’s willing to do some research and get back to you with answers or other potential ideas.

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Bridget Malcomson
Precision Countertops

Jonathan is calm, and supportive and is the anthesis of drama in the boardroom and in day-to-day working experience with him. I would recommend Jonathan at the highest level.

The obstacles we were facing before Jonathan were priority and clarity issues around development. Also, we had many issues with expectations vs reality and timelines. The previous dev team was not agile enough for a start-up

With Jonathan, we could be agile and get things done when we needed them! It was very hard to build a SaaS product with a company who was revolved more around the process of dev, and much of our money was spent on their internal dev team meetings, and not necessarily dev work. 

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Amanda Fitzpatrick
PinPoint Status

The new system is saving me 4-5 hours per day. I would rate it a 10 today.

From my position as purchaser, I find it very valuable to be able to view and track vendor purchase orders in 1 central spot. Prior to this I had was not able to easily track a job’s 3rd party expenses. Now it is very clear and easy for project managers to understand.

Talking with Jonathan helped me clarify the real value of my product idea, tripling it’s worth just by discussing the details and helping me keep all of them in mind at once.

I appreciated Jonathan’s consultative approach, where I showed him what I ultimately needed and we worked together to figure out how to get there. Our weekly meetings kept things moving without me needing to do a whole lot, which I liked.

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Erin Young
Slide UX

I give our new system a 10 out of 10. This rating is based on the ease to use the system, the accuracy of the data and the speed in which information is updated in the system. It is saving me 1 to 2 hrs per day.

Having worked with the old system for over 20 years, the speed in which information is updated on a biweekly basis was definitely a surprise. I would normally spend 3-4 hours over the weekend getting data updated and printed. This new system is basically a push of a button!!

Trusted by these companies so far:

  • PinPoint Status
  • Slide UX
  • ThoughtWorks
  • Tecsar Engineering Inc
  • Spanning
  • Smith & Robot