Jonathan Bennett

Ruby on Rails Should be the Default

If you are thinking about making a startup, start with Ruby on Rails. It should be the default. If you disagree with me, you probably know enough that you should ignore my advice. If you don’t, then use RoR and do the right thing.

Here’s why…

Your start up needs to move fast, make changes quickly, and figure out the problem you are trying to crack. You do not need the latest and greatest framework to do that. In fact, you will likely hinder your progress with the latest and greatest. The newest techs are shiny but unproven!

Now, don’t go to the other extreme and pull your Cobalt server out of the ‘80s.

Ruby on Rails is a highly opinionated framework that is designed around productivity. There are ways to easily break out and do your own thing if needed so you aren’t handcuffed to your choices either.

The number of problems you don’t have to solve with a standard Rails stack means you can focus on the things that are actually important for your startup.

So, next time you are kicking off a startup, pick Rails. It’s your sane default!