Jonathan Bennett

How to Beat Your SaaS Competitors: Solving Specific Problems Better

In the world of SaaS, competition is fierce. Startups and small businesses must constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve and outperform their competitors. But how much better does a SaaS product need to be in order to be competitive?

The answer lies in understanding that different problems can be solved to differing degrees and styles of better. Some solutions are 10x better than the competition, while others may be only 0.1x better, but are different in a way that is significant. For example, a SaaS product may be faster or more intuitive than its competitors. The competition might also be over-serving, providing too many features that customers do not actually need or use.

To illustrate this point, let’s take a look at two email marketing automation platforms: and ActiveCampaign. was a relatively new player in the market, but has quickly gained popularity for its ease of use and automation capabilities. On the other hand, ActiveCampaign was a well-established platform that offers a wide range of features and customization options.

While ActiveCampaign did offer more features than, some users found it overwhelming, difficult to use, and expensive., on the other hand, focused on simplicity and automation, making it much easier for users to set up and manage. This difference in approach has allowed to differentiate itself from its competitors and gain market share.

So, how do you beat your competition in SaaS? One strategy is to focus on solving a specific problem better than anyone else. This requires a deep understanding of your target audience and their pain points. As startup, you may not have the resources to compete with larger players on all fronts, but you can excel in specific areas.

Hiring a fractional CTO or independent software consultant can also help you identify areas where you can improve and differentiate your product. These experts can provide technical solutions that you may not knowere were possible, letting you quickly iterate and improve your product.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how much better a SaaS product needs to be to compete in the market. Different problems require different solutions, and it’s up to you to identify areas where you can excel and differentiate your product. By focusing on solving specific problems better than anyone else, and hiring the right expertise, you can quickly scale your SaaS business and gain a competitive advantage.