Jonathan Bennett

"Minimal Impact"

Update: Looks like my complaining worked. Apple says PWAs are back. Glad I could move the needle on that for you.

Apple has been in a long standing argument with the EU over, well just about everything. The most recent spat resulted in a set of pending distribution updates for the App Store. I think a healthy debate could be had over if the DMA is good or bad and if Apples compliance is appropriate or not.

That said, I hate everything about this statement Apple released (last bullet under Changes to iOS)

EU users will be able to continue accessing websites directly from their Home Screen through a bookmark with minimal impact to their functionality.

Really Apple? Minimal impact only includes background notifications, full screen web apps, and many caching and offline options. No big deal, I don’t think people in the EU would use those anyways.

The bottom line is that this isn’t a sufficient solution. I expect better from Apple. Apple’s EU customers deserve better.