Jonathan Bennett

You Need a Technical Founder

Today we get to have story time. Unfortunately, it’s a tragedy.

Once upon a time, in a country far, far away (ok, the US is only 20 minutes away), there lived a business man, we’ll call him Greg to protect the innocent. Greg was having frustrations with the business and couldn’t find a tool that solved those problems.

Being the enterprising man he is, he decided to build his own solution. Being a non-technical person he hired and worked with an agency to bring his vision to life. This is usually the right choice for someone in his position. Unfortunately in this case he didn’t have the technical expertise to fully qualify the team hired.

After eight months and a multiple six figure spend, the project wasn’t nearly ready.

So where did Greg go wrong? He did make the right non-technical choices. He just didn’t have the ability to evaluate the results of those choices.

For an early stage SaaS it is always useful to get an outside opinion when you hire a technical team. This is why I offer my Fractional CTO service. This service is focused on the technical end of your business so that you know your business requirements are being addressed and your technical team is efficient and effective.

Since I am not involved at a code level, you can also trust that the advise I provide is unbiased and has your best interest as the only priority. Wanna see if having a technical advisor is right for your business? Book a free call today.