Jonathan Bennett

Thanks for Requesting the Idea Planning Workbook

Congrats on taking the first step in honing your big idea. You can make your own private copy of the workbook. Just in case you get stuck, you can also see what a completed workbook looks like, assuming your big idea is super premium dog food…

I’m also going to follow up with a few emails over the next week to give you some extra direction. Most people get stuck at some point in this process, which is perfect! We want to get stuck on these problems today, so that we think about them, and clear them out for tomorrow.

Specifically, we are going to address:

  • How to pick your customer
  • How to get to know your competition
  • How to compete with, and beat, your competition
  • How to get your customers to scream “heck yeah”

Remember, you want to take your big idea, polish it up, and think about the immediate next problems you need to solve.

After that, it’s up to you to take those next steps.