Jonathan Bennett

Idea Planning Workbook

Are you sick of spinning your wheels on promising ideas that go nowhere?

  • Do your friends all say they love it, but no one buys it?
  • Are you worried about the competition doing the same thing, only better?
  • Do you fear wasting your time on the wrong opportunities?
  • Are you stuck not knowing the next steps you should take?

Imagine having the roadmap to make your idea real

  • Imagine knowing what your customers will actually buy
  • Imagine knowing what will set you up to beat the competition
  • Imagine knowing which of your ideas you should be investing in
  • Imagine knowing exactly what to do next

The Idea Honing Workbook is the answer

My free Idea Honing Workbook will show you how to assess and polish your big idea. You’ll get a blueprint for evaluating your ideas and ensuring you are addressing the primary areas that will make your idea successful.

We will look at:

  • The idea itself – how it will make people’s lives better
  • Your ideal customers – what they want, not what they say they want
  • The competition – how your idea can stand out instead of blend in

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