Jonathan Bennett

Strategy Retainer

You’re behind schedule, over budget, and every time your team fixes a bug, two new ones crawl out

Imagine a world where you are on schedule. You hit your budget. Bugs are a rare occurrence and they dealt with swiftly.

The pains you are running into are due to not having the right technical expertise within your c-suite.

I’ve spent years working with founders on their technical needs, helping them assess and build their technical teams, all while ensuring their technology aligns with their business goals. Here are the steps to make this happen:

  1. Audit: An audit of the company’s current situation gives us a complete inventory of the technologies and processes currently being used. This will let us know and prioritize any issues that come up.
  2. Roadmap: We will make an internal roadmap of the high level plans of the business and make sure the technical choices align with that vision.
  3. Infrastructure: We will ensure all necessary infrastructure is in place the business to be effective and grow. This includes physical infrastructure like servers and technical infrastructure like error tracking.
  4. Move forward with confidence.

In general, I can help your team with:

  1. Participation in in-depth meetings to define ling-term business goals, existing system architecture, and organizational challenges
  2. Strategic and tactical advice based on ongoing meetings with team leaders. I’ll act as a sounding board as you work to achieve your business and technical goals.
  3. Technical review of APIs, IDEs, source code and documentation. Where appropriate I can provide samples or proof-of-concept examples. Please note that authoring shipping code, designs or documentation is not included in this agreement.
  4. Periodic competitive analysis and market insights.
  5. Situational responsiveness to needs that arise that you deem require my assistance, which are not covered elsewhere.

I offer three packages:

Advisory ($3,500 USD / Month)

  • 3 day meeting link window
  • 24/7 access via Basecamp
  • unlimited Q&A with 1 business day turnaround
  • advice on tooling and process

Lead ($7,000 USD / Month)

  • 1 week meeting link window
  • everything in the Advisor tier
  • reoccurring bi-weekly status and update meetings
  • attend development team meetings
  • assistance and training on tooling and process

Comprehensive ($10,500 USD / Month)

  • 1 month meeting link window
  • everything in team lead tier
  • creation of experimental projects to test out ideas
  • 1-on-1 with developers (max 2 simultaneously)
  • weekly group coaching calls
  • weekly office hours
  • team building (job descriptions, review and evaluation)

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Impact Guarantee: By the end of your first month, your only regret will be that you didn’t start sooner or your money back.

I appreciated Jonathan’s consultative approach, where I showed him what I ultimately needed and we worked together to figure out how to get there. Our weekly meetings kept things moving without me needing to do a whole lot, which I liked.

Erin Young
Erin Young
Slide UX

Using staff augmentation provides linear growth at best. With most outsourced teams even this is extremely optimistic! In contrast, I improve the investment you’ve already made increasing their efficiency and effectiveness.

Unlike most freelancers and consultants, I am not involved in the actual creation of production code. Because of this there is no incentive for me to pad hours and stretch out a project of feature. My focus is 100% to make sure your technical team is focused on your business.

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