Jonathan Bennett

Who's Tyler?

One of my clients has HubSpot for CRM-y stuff and Notion for documents and process. I have my own Notion as well and use OmniFocus for my business todos. My personal reminders are in

Needless to say, my personal and business world is scattered. It should come as no surprise that when a saw my todo to “Follow up with Tyler”, my response was “Who’s Tyler?”

The todo was in HubSpot, created on January 4th, the same day “Tyler” was created — no other details. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Ok, let’s look at the company then. Seven other contacts, last activity was July.

Search email. Nothing.

Fine. I give up.

Two days later, a support request in HelpScout… from Tyler. “Ohhhhh, Tyler!”

I know you’ve been there before. You’re a solo freelancer or have only a few staff or contractors. You don’t need a system that requires a PHD in CRM with a specialization in Organization. You just need a cohesive set of tools, integrated well, for a reasonable price.

Well, thats (going to be) CRMmy—a CRM for the everyday freelancer. This isn’t a sales platform and it isn’t a marketing machine. Keep track of your contacts, stay in touch with them, manage your projects, and take care of business.

I’m just starting on this journey. I’m not exactly sure where it will end up but if this sounds interesting, you should join me. I’ll be building a lot of it in live on Youtube. I’ll be looking for input.